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Wanna go green, but not sure which option to choose?

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About The Company

We are a combined group of individuals that have gathered strength from each other to bring you, the solar ambassador a well informed, well put together montage on all the angles and details on switching to renewable energy through solar panels. We have combined years of experience and a group of individuals that are well educated on the subject.

We’re the #1 solar energy provider in the State!

We have all worked for different solar companies learning and acquiring wisdom on the matter and have join forces to bring a well-designed delivery of knowledge to our customers that are wanting to plug into the sun and make the switch. In other words, WE SPEAK SOLAR.

Get Free Consultancy About Your Project

Firstly, we’re an environmentally friendly and solar energy company offering a broad portfolio of
technologies, products, & solutions to our clients.

Products & Services

We proudly and professionally work on most homes and roof types.

We help your business to save energy consumption with our solar energy systems.
Residential solar panels are designed to fit within a home’s existing roof space or landscape layout.
Everyone can benefit from the eco-friendly services offered by Proactivate Solar.
We take care of installation, repair and maintenance of your water heating unit.
The photovoltaic panel of the solar attic fan collects sunlight that powers the fans motor to increase air movement.
A solar air conditioning system is simply a system of cooling and heating that utilises solar power.
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Our Mission

We empower and educate on details that are important for you and your family to understand and offer the tools to move into solar technology. We enable our customers with the decision-making tools to move forward and make it super easy for them to make the switch and poweron

Eco Friendly

Many people are concerned about ecology. Solar energy helps conserve it.

Energy Saving

Save energy in high capacity batteries. Help the environment.

Renewable Energy

Take advantage of the renewal of solar energy. The sun is your source of energy.

Save Money

Save money on your energy bill. Use solar energy!.

The panels seem to be of high quality. Proactivate Solar always kept me informed of what was happening.

Daniel Amber manager

Bottom line—this has been a sound environmental and financial decision on our part, and I would recommend Proactivate Solar to anyone who is thinking about going solar. It has been a great partnership.

Rory Mike manager

I couldn’t be more pleased by the job done by everyone at Proactiva Solar. The crew was fantastic – professional, productive, and friendly

Stanley Robinson manager